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Site Version: 0.2.0

Welcome to the website of YATC. YATC (expressed as jætsi) stands for Yet Another Thumbnail Creator and, as the name already describes, is a program to easily create thumbnails.
Future release will include:
- Fotoalbum generation (HTML, user prefered code, etc).
- Multiple languages (English, Dutch, ...)
- More support for other file-types (currently only JPEG is supported)

YATC is published under the GNU/GPL License 2.0 and is therefore an open-source product.YATC is created in Delphi (Turbo Pascal) and therefore Win32 only. It has only been tested on Windows XP, but other test will follow in newer versions.

I hope you enjoy using YATC,
Joris Roovers

YATC has been approved by the SourceForge staff and from now on, YATC is hosted on SourceForge, this has many advantages for the developement of the program.This also means that I have PHP support from now on and that the website will be improved a lot in the future.Currently I am working on Version 0.4. which will bring lots of new features and bugfixes...
I've worked a bit on the design of the project website.The download links on the website have been corrected and now work properly.I've decided to program a very compact cms for the website after V0.4 has been released for more convience when something needs to be adjusted. This way I will be able to keep the site up-to-date more easily.

Version 0.3 -27/05/2005:
Release Notes:
- fix(#1):Added directories to file selection will now function properly (all .jpg-files in that
directory will be included)
- Add:Location of thumbnails can now be chosen by user
- Add:Possibillity to copy original images
- Add:Splash Screen at Startup
- Add:Menu-> Help page (Help files will be optimilazed in V0.4)
- Add:Thumbnail name can now be chosen by user
- Add:GUI enhancements
- Add:Lots of minor changes
- Change:Few code and file optimalizations
- Info: I'm still waiting for registration @ Sourceforge.net
- Info: Website functionality won't improve untill registration @ Sourceforge.net (Then I can use PHP)

Known Issues:
- Bug #2
- Bug #3
>> Download (954Kb)

Version 0.2 - 22/05/2005
Release Notes:
- Current Directory is displayed
- Icon added
- Menu added -> about page
- New and better file-selection system
- Filetype-filter added
- Primary language is English now (Dutch will be reintroduced in a later version)
- Small website created: http://home.tiscali.be/roovers/YATC
- Few code optimalizations
- GUI enhancements
- Some Setup enhancements
Known Issues:
- When folder is selected and it is added to the imagelist for creation of the thumbnails, the program crashes when the thumbnails are created.(This will be fixed in next release !)
>> Download (705Kb)

Version 0.1 - 20/05/2005
Release Notes:
- Explorer for files added
- Creation of thumbnails possible
- Registration @ Sourceforge.net (awaiting approval)
Known Issues:
- When folder is selected and it is added to the imagelist for creation of the thumbnails, the program crashes when the thumbnails are created.
- Dutch Interface
>> Download (557 kb)

YATC 2005 - All Rights Reserved - By: Joris Roovers